You'll find below the procedure to install the Checkpoint VPN client.

Download Checkpoint VPN setup file

Click on the following link to download the file on your computer

Launch the Checkpoint VPN setup file

Once downloaded open the file "CheckPoint_endPoint_Security_VPN.msi"

Click on next

choose « endpoint Security VPN », and click on Next

choose : « I accept » and click on next

change the install folder if necessary and click on Next

Select install

Click on continue

Click on ok to restart the system


Be Careful

Even if this window is not displaying, restart your computer before going any further


Right click on the icon "Check Point endpoint security" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and choose connect

For Windows 7/ Vista users:

For Windows XP users:

click on yes

Click on next

Enter the following information and click next

On the server address, enter ""

Click trust and continue

Select Username and password and click next

Click on finish

18) click on yes

Enter your Euronet login and password and click on connect

Enter the login and password you use to connect to Euronet and click on "Connect"

The icon should now have a green dot indicating you are successfully connected on the VPN