1  Why choosing HTTP Tunnelling connection

If you already use a VPN on your computer for another application than euronet; it is recommended to use HTTP Tunnelling connection method to avoid to have 2 VPN clients running at the same time.

You wil have to use a specific Euronet client which does not need any VPN client to work. To use the HTTP Tunneling you have to keep a static external IP address.
We will allow connections from this IP address directly on our servers.

2  How to request HTTP Tunnelling

Go on http://www.whatismyip.com/ and note the IP address that is written under "Your IP address Is:"

Make a request to your RailEurope contacts with the following details :

HTTP Tunnelling white listing request

Public IP Address : (the IP address provided on http://www.whatismyip.com/ )

HTTP Tunneling
Account no :
Account name :

Once your request is managed, you will be able to use the Euronet client.

3 How to check if you are authorized to use the HTTP Tunneling version after those steps

Go to https://eurosphere.raileurope.com/IIOPTunnel/Environment

If you have an http error then your IP address is not authorized and you won't be able to use the http tunneling version

Otherwise this should be OK.