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Euronet 2 Client version 19.2 - For slower internet connections

To download a file, right-click on the link, and click on 'save as' and copy all parts in the same directory.

1. Procedure :

  1. Download the 18 smaller files Euronet_Suite_Setup_19_2_96_400_extern_msi.1 - 18 and JOIN.BAT. To reassemble these 18 files together and recreate the Euronet 2 setup file, please follow the instructions below:
    - Open windows explorer
    - Navigate to the directory where you downloaded these files (all 18 files and JOIN.BAT file must be located in the same directory). 
  2. Double-click on JOIN.BAT
  3. After the script has finished, the file Euronet_Suite_Setup_19_1_93_300_extern.msi will be been created in that same directory
  4. Double-click on Euronet_Suite_Setup_19_2_96_400_extern.msi  to  install Euronet client.

2. Files :